20 – 22 October 2023

Luke Byrnes @ Home Station – QF22PE - VK3BYR, VK3MRP, VK3SCM

VK3BYR will be operating over the course of the JOTA weekend. This station will also operate VK3SCM and VK3MRP occassionally.

VK3BYR is a member of Mafeking Amateur Radio Group, but due to COVID-19, will not be able to operate at the usual location QF22SW.

VK3BYR will be on 40m predominantly, but will also be available on ScoutNet (, local repeaters, and possibly TG30 on DMR through Mt Macedon (VK3RMM).

Please feel free to contact and request QSY to a particular frequency to arrange a QSO with Scouts if you are looking for contacts.

Luke Byrnes
0412 002 345