20 – 22 October 2023

BOOST Your Advenutre | Gilwell Park, VIC

BOOST Your Adventure is an action-packed, OAS-jammed and SIA-filled camp for youth members of all ages!

Join in the adventure with over 1500 Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, and Leaders, BOOSTing their Scouting experience.

We’ll be on the Air from Saturday morning through to Sunday afternoon. Join us as we explore:

  • HF Radio (40m calling, other bands as desired)
  • VHF (Simplex, Local Repeaters)
  • UHF (Simplex, ScoutNet)
  • DMR (TG 30 – TG 40 VKDMR)

We’ll also be Fox Hunting, playing RadioActiv8, and exploring exciting STEM activities too!

73 and have a great JOTA!