20 – 22 October 2023

Paton Park Scout Camp North Motton Tasmania

Site will be active Saturday 21st October 0100hrs UTC to 0700hrs UTC , midday to 1830hrs local

will be operating two HF stations

one will be on 80m/40m/15m on an Off Centre fed dipole

one will be on 20m/15m/10m on a 3 element HF beam

we will also be operating on VK7RMD 7cm Repeater on Mt Duncan near Penguin 438.600 5mhz offset 141.3 tone

and on Echolink VK7RTV 467772 and 337626 on VK7RDR on VK7RTV Stowport 146.775 -600hz 91.5 tone which is also linked to VK7RDR Dazzler Range 439.775 – 5mhz 91.5 tone


Fox Hunting

Morse Code sending

Map reading exercises using radios and phonetics

Word Search

Soldering projects