20 – 22 October 2023

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Welcome to the JOTI-JOTA participants group. Go ahead and see who else is hosting a JOTI-JOTA site this year and take a look at the other JOTI-JOTA te...
Bunbury Earth & Ocean Girl Guides & Bunbury Sunflowers, Western Australia
Bunbury Sea Scout Hall
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Girl Guides & Scouts will be joining together on Saturday 21 Oct from 2pm-5pm AWST on Skype. Our skype address is

Bunbury Earth & Ocean Girl Guides & 2nd Bunbury Sea Scouts
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We will be on skype saturday 15th October from 1pm to 5pm WST – bunbury We are running a combined event with Girl Guides & Sea Scouts

Bunbury Girl Guides & Scouts
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Small group of Guides & Scouts are participating this year in JOTA/JOTI from their homes due to no internet coverage at the hall.