18 – 20 October 2024

Resources – JOTI


All logsheets can be submitted via the button below after the JOTI/JOTA weekend. Please submit your log here As a JOTI/JOTA site, it is an expectation that a Log be provided for contacts made. This has several benefits – it helps you keep track of who you have spoken to over the course of the […]

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Web Chat/Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC is one of the popular methods of connecting with other Scouts during JOTI. One way of connecting is via dedicated servers run by which provide a safe place to chat to other JOTI participants, as the channels are moderated 24/7 during the event. The easiest way to connect is via a web browser […]

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Registering for a JID

The JID system is administered by the international website, which is independent to our Australian national site, To register for a JID you’ll need to head over to and register on their website as a group. They will then send your JID by email closer to the event. We encourage you […]

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